NOSTOS EXPO Conference

VSN HUB at NOSTOS EXPO & Conference

VSN HUB and Vicky Evangeliou participated in NOSTOS EXPO & Conference as speakers, exhibitors and mentors. During the conference, the official representatives of local authorities, tourism operators and tourism experts held on topical issues of Greek Alternative Tourism focusing on its development and the expansion of the tourist season of the country.

VSN HUB has challenging discussions over new concepts with charismatic Giorgos Pittas

VSN HUB has challenging discussions over new concepts with charismatic Giorgos Pittas

The Municipality of Nafpaktos have focused on alternative forms of tourism to extend its season to 12 months, according to the Greek town’s mayor, Panagiotis Loukopoulos. 170 exhibitors from all over Greece, presented their products and services about alternative tourism forms such as thermal springs, hiking, trekking, sports and gastronomy. During the opening ceremony of NOSTOS EXPO 2017, the Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development Giorgos Tziallas introduced the plan of the Tourism Ministry to establish Greece as a 365-day destination.

The NOSTOS EXPO 2017 took place in a specially designed space in Nafpaktos town. The location was the perfect scenery for Greek professionals in order to present their products through scheduled B2B meetings with 45 hosted buyers from European countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey.







Το Σάββατο, 14 και την Κυριακή, 15 Οκτωβρίου θα έλαβε χώρα η NOSTOS EXPO & Conference, κατά τη διάρκεια της οποίας θα πραγματοποιήθηκαν τοποθετήσεις επίσημων εκπροσώπων ΟΤΑ, φορέων του Τουρισμού και σημαινουσών προσωπικοτήτων του τουριστικού κλάδου πάνω σε επίκαιρα ζητήματα έχοντας ως βασικό άξονα τις αναπτυξιακές δυνατότητες του εναλλακτικού τουρισμού και την επιμήκυνση της τουριστικής περιόδου της χώρας.



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NOSTOS EXPO VSN HUB Vicky Evangeliou 2017


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Nostos (Ancient Greek: νόστος) is a theme used in Greek literature which includes an epic hero returning home by sea. It is a high level of heroism or greatness. This journey is usually very extensive and includes being shipwrecked in an unknown location and going through certain trials that test the hero. The return isn’t just about returning home physically but also about retaining certain statuses and retaining your identity upon arrival.

The theme of Nostos is brought to life in Homer’s The Odyssey, where the main hero Odysseus tries to return home after battling in the Trojan War. Odysseus is challenged by many temptations, such as the Sirens and the Lotus-eaters. If Odysseus had given into these temptations it would have meant certain death and thus failing to return home. Nostos is used today in many forms of literature and movies.


Nostos Etymology

From the o-grade of Proto-Indo-European *nes- (“to return home”) + -τος (-tos). See νέομαι (néomai, “to go or come back”).

νόστος • (nóstos)

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(Source: νόστος in Liddell & Scott (1889) An Intermediate Greek–English Lexicon, New York: Harper & Brothers)

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