Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency Award for VSN HUB

We are delighted to announce that VSN HUB has been awarded as the Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency by the prestigious Lux Life Travel & Tourism Awards. This is an award for unquestionable pioneer leaders in Tourism & Culture industry. Among the winners, there is an elite group of brands, which every year, despite changing market trends, manage to maintain their leading position and open new roads in their industry. Visit the magazine here: VSN HUB Travel & Tourism Award.


VSN HUB – Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency

Official Press Release

A company offering tourism and experiential learning with a difference: VSN HUB seeks to inspire its clients to corporate and personal excellence, inspiring them through Ancient Greek Philosophy and Culture.

VSN HUB is a marketing, tourism and branding agency that focuses on educating about Ancient Greek history in its work, from mentoring and personal brand development to corporate communication and digital reshaping. It works spans into tourism and culture, running events and supporting museums to facilitate the exposure of history to more and more people as Greek cements itself as a thriving international holiday destination. VSN stands for visualize, sense, and nurture; it hopes that these principles will rebrand tourism in Greece. Through visualization, it seeks to imagine the future and the opportunities that could be in the future for its clients – by doing this, it hopes to instill in them a vision of where incorporating Ancient Greek philosophy and culture can take them. This involves reflecting on the tenants that inspire and motivate businesses. 

VSN HUB - Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency - Vicky Evangeliou

VSN HUB shows its clients and consequentially their end-users the magic of an era long past. It encourages people to explore mythology, learn about what life was like, and be inspired by the heroes and ancient people that, through history, still have an impact on our society. Lastly, it works to nurture its client’s best self through realizing their unique nature and the branding opportunities that lie in this. Its services and expertise lie in Ancient Greek historical education, philosophy, moral and work psychology, culture, strategic marketing and communication, and personal branding. 

Its educational services include the design and implementation of Experiential workshops, Open Dialogues, and hosting interactive events on the above topics that are market-relevant and personalized to the audience. In this way it creates customized, bespoke marketing and branding services that fit each individual business and their target market, using state-of-the-art technology. It also runs public speaking sessions at events and company meetings on its topics of expertise to inspire and encourage, reading the latest periodicals and research to keep on top of the latest findings to share with its clients. In tandem with this, it offers ghost-writing services for corporate leaders and strategic minds, and runs target groups of employees, management, company leaders, and professionals, facilitating stimulating debate and discussion. 

Its clients vary across a wide range of target markets. As well as professional people such as corporate leaders and managers, it also offers its services to groups of university students, and the high-end tourism market with its packages that include experiential tourism and workshops. Through organized hotel or cruise groups, VSN HUB’s vision is to be the providers of bespoke experiences that build intellectual and physical wellbeing by using the teachings of ancient philosophers and Ancient Greek culture. Over the course of a two day – three day course, its clients will engage in creative self-exploration through philosophical dialogue and debates, getting in touch with spirituality and working out what that means to each individual, revitalizing themselves through music and drama, learning through archaeological site visits, and partaking in excellent hospitality all the while.

It works to open communications within the travel groups about well-being and fostering positive attitudes, using the concepts of Eudaimonia, virtues, and optimism. Its goal in this can be described in two parts. On one hand, it seeks to enrich an organization’s way of thinking by the analysis and display of how certain ancient philosophical techniques can benefit modern businesses and modern people. It wishes to cultivate in its clients an appreciation of how adopting such ways of thinking can help them to work outside the box, teaching them new ways to approach both their own operations and their customers. On the other, it wishes to combine philosophy with management psychology to give its clients insight into their ideal personal and organizational state. Each debate follows a series of steps to help its clients climb the intellectual ladder to a final goal of a broadened, enriched mindset.

VSN HUB - Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency - Vicky Evangeliou
VSN HUB – Best Ancient Greek Tourism Agency – Vicky Evangeliou
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