VSN HUB hosted an open dialogue based on Plato Philosophical Symposium about Wine, Eros, and Daimons that govern our Life.

Before the event, a private tour was offered to the attendees and gave them the opportunity to discover the legacy of the astonishing Kleanthous House. The Museum’s collections consist of books (works by the University’s Professors, old and rare editions), manuscripts, diplomas, scientific instruments (for medicine, physics, chemistry, pharmacology), portraits, photographs, medals, seals and University memorabilia.

The Open Dialogue started in the evening hours. At the panel the speakers were:


  • Vicky Evengeliou, Founder of VSN HUB Culture in Business and Tourism
  • Lilian Koutsi, Criterion Business Consulting Services

At the end of the event, A Wine Networking Session followed the open dialogue.


This open culture Think Tank event took place at The Athens University History Museum. The Museum is located in the historic building known as the “Kleanthous House” or “Old University”. It is one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Athens today. It dates before the 18th century and it is situated beneath the imposing heights of the Acropolis with a panoramic view of Plaka, the Ancient Agora, the Athens Observatory and the Lycabettus Hill.

This magnificent historical building was the home of the architect Stamatios Kleanthis From 1837 and for four years, it functioned as the first University of the independent Greek state. The Athens University History Museum was inaugurated in 1987, in the context of the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the University of Athens.

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB


The Symposium (Ancient Greek: Συμπόσιον) is a philosophical text by Plato dated c. 385–370 BC. It depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable men attending a banquet. The men include the philosopher Socrates, the general and political figure Alcibiades, and the comic playwright Aristophanes. The speeches are to be given in praise of Eros, who is the god of love and desire, and the son of Aphrodite.

In the Symposium, Eros is recognized both as erotic love, and as a phenomenon that is capable of inspiring courage, valor, great deeds and works, and vanquishing man’s natural fear of death. It is seen as transcending its earthly origins and attaining spiritual heights.

This extraordinary elevation of the concept of love raises a question of whether some of the most extreme extents of meaning might be intended as humor or farce. Eros is almost always translated as “love”, and the English word has its own varieties and ambiguities that provide additional challenges to the effort to understand the Eros of ancient Athens. Read more here>>



Dæmon is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek daimōn (δαίμων: “god”, “godlike”, “power”, “fate”), which refers to the daemons of ancient Greek religion and mythology and of later Hellenistic religion and philosophy.

Daemon comes from the Ancient Greek word δαίμων, which originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit. The word is further derived from Proto-Indo-European *dai-mon “provider, a divider (of fortunes or destinies)”, from the root *da “to divide”. Daimons were possibly seen as the souls of men of the golden age acting as tutelary deities, according to entry δαίμων at Liddell & Scott. “Dæmon” is the Latin version of the Greek daimōn.

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB


Vicky Evangeliou is a Freethinker as one who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority.

Communication & Marketing Expert with 2 decades of business experience. 8 years in a multinational company as business manager, marketing, and sales executive in medical/consumer sector.

More than a decade as an entrepreneur founding a Marketing & Communication agency, providing services in corporate, B2B and B2C environments, designing creative concepts for developing product launches, incentive programs, tourism destination marketing and management projects as well as project management for the implementation of Live communication campaigns.

Plato Philosophical Open Dialogue at Athens University Museum by VSN HUB

Focused on developing concepts in Greece and Internationally for local and multinational clients having an expanded portfolio including fast moving consumer products, pharmaceutical, health and personal care, cosmetics, luxury and fashion products as well as automotive and financial services.

As Business Mentor I strongly believe that an entrepreneurial role model can positively affect the level of entrepreneurial success. A role model can also help entrepreneurs who may rely too much on personal experience to guide decision making. Although taking risks is important, the presence of role models, mentors and networks can provide a moderating effect on the overconfidence of entrepreneurs.

Vicky via Marketing Lead, act as a consultant providing “Out Of The Box” business development, brand alliance, marketing / pr and social network marketing services for non-profits, start-ups and large corporations starting new divisions.

Specialties: Marketing, below the line programs, Online and Offline projects, Direct marketing, Field marketing, Communication strategic projects, Incentives