Nature & Culture ECHOPOLIS Conference 2018


Where Nature and Culture Science, Policy and Business World Meets.

VSN HUB has the pleasure to be among the panel speakers on the third day of the ECHOPOLIS Conference 2018. Wednesday 28 November 2018, at 11:45 – 13:00 in the “Sakis Karagiorgas Amphitheater”, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Vicky Evangeliou, the founder of VSN HUB, is presenting the Ancient Greek Philosophy Values in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Experiential Tourism.

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, SDMed Observation, Planning & Eco-innovation in collaboration with Panteion Univesity of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Economics and Regional Development  and the University of West Attica, School of Applied Arts and Culture,  organise the International Event entitled “Nature and Culture-based strategies and solutions for cities and territories: an idea whose time has come !”, on November 26-28, 2018, in Athens, Greece. The event was put under the aegis of both the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy. See the ECHOPOLIS Conference’s schedule here>>

The European Year is an occasion to reflect on the place that cultural and natural heritage occupies both in our lives and in territorial development and the often alert about the need to protect such unique values for the future generations. It is thus evident that nature and culture as an indivisible whole is an idea whose time has come! This means that natural and cultural heritage should be recognized, understood, planned and managed together!

ECHOPOLIS 2018 is placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy and it focuses on Maritime Spatial Planning. The Conference recognizes that MSP is also a creative social and cultural procedure that enhances the attractiveness of marine spaces and especially of insular territories and communities. Insular territories worldwide are strongly encouraged to present their plans, initiatives, policies and success stories. At the Conference, they will have the possibility to meet with experts to discuss opportunities that arise from the Marine Spatial Planning procedure.


INSULEUR  (The European Network of Insular Chambers) is Endorser of the Event. The multi-use concept and its applications will also be fully discussed with an emphasis on combinations integrating Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH).

Maritime spatial plans and their cultural dimensions will be fully discussed due to the recent compliance, with Law 4546/2018  in Greece of the European Directive  2014/89/EU that established a framework for MSP and the perspective of elaboration and consolidation of maritime spatial plans until 2021.

This discussion is a follow-up of the previous ESPON-on-the-Road Transnational Conference about Blue growth and land-sea interaction, organized by Panteion University under the quality of ESPON Contact Point 2007-2013 in collaboration with SDMed Observation, Planning & Eco-innovation, in November 2014, in Piraeus.

Nature & Culture ECHOPOLIS Conference 2018



Where active on Nature and Culture-based initiatives cities and regions meet.

The event is not strictly European. It is aiming at bringing together scientists and cities and territories from all over the world that plan or implement innovative nature and culture-based solutions, thus creating a worldwide forum of exchange of their success stories.

However the Mediterranean region with its rich natural and cultural diversity, both terrestrial and marine will be very present! The Event will host the MED Social & Creative community featured by TALIA (Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions), the Interreg-MED Programme’s horizontal project promoting the coherence and impact of modular projects addressing the topics of Cultural and Creative Industries and Social Innovation. The community aims at connecting social and creative innovators in the Mediterranean to consolidate and share new models of development. TALIA together with two other INTERREG-MED projects, BLUEISLANDS and ALTER ECO  will lead an impressive INTERREG-MED Session!

The Conference is addressing to scientists and practitioners from all the traditional disciplines dealing with natural and cultural heritage (territorial planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, light and sound designers, geographers, historians, oceanographers…) but also to computer scientists/engineers, digital humanities researchers, creative industries-heritage professionals, museum specialists, human-computer interaction practitioners, and creative industries professionals.

Nature & Culture ECHOPOLIS Conference 2018


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