Nansy Evangeliou

Nancy is a socially sensitive person.

She has taught Kindergarten school-children in a Montessori Classroom for 17 years.
The Montessori Teacher’s specific responsibility is to aid Human Development through Awareness of each individual child’s needs at each stage of its development, enabling their intellectual, emotional and moral growth through developing their Motivation, Problem-Solving skills, Independence as well as Group Skills and Global Thinking.

In 2007, driven by the need to expand her creativity through various fields, and knowing in depth, the nature of a collaborative environment and the benefits of being a good team player, she moved from ‘the Classroom’ to ‘the Meeting Room’ of “Marketing Lead”, a Marketing and Communications Company, working there as Project Leader, materialising Corporate Events, organizing Congresses and was responsible for the promotion of both outdoor and indoor activities, Stage Production etc, effectively providing innovative solutions.

In 2012 she founded “Live Comm”, a company which cooperates solely with “Marketing Lead” and implements its concepts.
Her pedagogical background and experiential knowledge of Educational Psychology as well as her experience in Communication Skills acquired through extensive monitoring and assessment of learning and many years of facilitating students and their parents, has greatly aided her to deal effectively with people and play the role of Mediator and to successfully communicate with other Professionals as well, helping her to develop skills such as Negotiation, Business Planning, Evaluation, Organization and Implementation of Creative Ideas, very important elements in the Business World today.

She is an elected member of the Parents’ Association of the Athens College and founding member of the Musical Association “Euterpe”.
She is also an active volunteer in other social groups such as “Koinoniki Kouzina-Other Human Beings” whose quest is to provide food for the Homeless.

Sigmund Freud once told Maria Montessori: “If everyone had your schools, they wouldn’t need me!”

I totally support this comment!