VSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGG

Startup Odyssey

The EGG [enter•grow•go] in collaboration with The Hellenic Initiative hosted an open discussion with Mr. Kurt F. Heiar, lecturer, and lead instructor at the University of Iowa – John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, on the opportunities and challenges presented to entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The Hellenic Initiative sponsored the Startup Odyssey event in collaboration with EGG. The Speakers contributed to this successful event and inspired all attendants.

Kurt F. Heiar: Lecturer  at John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Venetia Koussia: Executive Director, Better Future LLC

Vicky Evangeliou: Founder VSN HUB & Marketing Lead

Danae Bezantakou: Managing Director Navigator Shipping Consultants

VSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGG



On June 22nd THI organized the “Startup Odyssey” with the Egg accelerator program in Athens. The event presented an evening with Kurt Heiar from the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center in Iowa. Kurt’s opening remarks focused on what makes an entrepreneur a successful one and then took questions from the audience before sharing the floor with 3 female entrepreneurs, Danae Bezantakou, Vicky Evangeliou, and Venetia Koussia, discussing their challenges to grow their businesses even larger. The event closed with a networking event for the audience, young entrepreneurs, THI, and Egg staff. Source: www.thehellenicinitiative.org

VSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGG


VSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGG


The event offered a tremendous opportunity for local entrepreneurs to learn more about the things that they need to do and how to always have a positive mental attitude towards the difficulties in life. 300 young people attended with many of them standing and filling an overflow room and watching on a monitor.

There was an average of 110 people online every second viewing it from their browsers.

Only 5 days later, there were a total of 23,600 video views with 8,500 of them being from unique users. At one point when the floor opened for questions from the online audience, we were receiving on average 100 questions per minute. Source: www.thehellenicinitiative.org


VSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGGVSN HUB in Startup Odyssey at EGG


About The Hellenic Initiative

The Hellenic Initiative was founded in 2012 by members of the global Greek and philhellene communities who were compelled to respond to the worsening economic crisis and inspired to help shape Greece’s long-term recovery. Read more about their mission on their official website www.thehellenicinitiative.org


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