Yolt Labs and VSN HUB announce their strategic partnership

Exciting News! 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between VSN HUB and Yolt Labs. As part of this partnership, we’re welcoming CEO &CTO of Yolt Labs, Angelos Spyratos, to our Advisory Panel .

Yolt Labs is not just a startup; it’s a fresh and dynamic force in the tech world! As an active member in the startup ecosystem, Yolt Labs is deeply committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the entrepreneurial community.

With innovation and passion for pushing boundaries, they are redefining what’s possible in the realm of technology.

VSN HUB via Yolt Labs’ technological expertise is developing innovative solutions for promoting cultural heritage through digital platforms and AI applications

Our team is filled with bright minds and creative thinkers who thrive on solving complex challenges and driving meaningful change.

We believe in the power of collaboration, curiosity, and continuous learning to drive our success.

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of tech and culture together! 🚀”

From left to right: Angelos Spyratos – Co-founder and CEO/CTO of Yolt Labs, Vicky Evangeliou – Founder and member of the Advisory Panel of VSN Hub, Sofoklis Kyriklakis – Co-founder and COO of Yolt Labs

Question 1
“As a co-founder of Yolt Labs, known for its dynamic presence in the tech startup ecosystem, what inspired you to get involved with VSN HUB, an organization focused on integrating ancient Greek philosophy and culture into modern contexts?”

Cultural Tourism Solutions: Yolt Labs develop innovative solutions for cultural tourism that enhance visitors’ experiences at historical sites, museums, and landmarks related to ancient Greece. This could include mobile apps with audio guides, interactive screens with gesture recognition based on AI algorithms, chatbots which are trained to respond as famous historical persons, as well as community-driven content to enrich the visitor experience and promote sustainable tourism practices.
Cultural Preservation and Promotion Technologies: Yolt Labs utilizes all the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to digitally preserve, exhibit and gamify ancient Greek artifacts, literature, and philosophical texts. 

Angelos Spyratos – Co-founder and CEO/CTO of Yolt Labs

Question 2
“How can modern tech startups draw inspiration from the timeless wisdom and innovative spirit of ancient Greek culture to address contemporary challenges and drive meaningful impact in today’s society?”

Modern tech startups can draw inspiration from ancient Greek culture by embracing the values of innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration that characterized the ancient Greeks. By tapping into the rich philosophical traditions of ancient Greece, startups can approach challenges with a deeper understanding of ethics, morality, and the common good, driving them to develop technology that not only solves problems but also aligns with broader societal and ethical values. Additionally, startups can look to ancient Greek mythology, literature, and art for inspiration, infusing their products and branding with cultural significance and identity. Ultimately, by integrating the timeless wisdom of ancient Greece into their endeavors, tech startups can strive to create meaningful and lasting impact in today’s ever-evolving world.
Together, we’ll explore new ways to integrate ancient Greek philosophy and culture into modern tech solutions. Stay tuned for updates on our journey! 🚀

Vicky Evangeliou – Founder and member of the Advisory Panel of VSN Hub, Sofoklis Kyriklakis – Co-founder and COO of Yolt Labs
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