Areti Vassou

Areti Vassou is an awarded Digital Marketing & SEO Strategy Architect, a proficient Digital Copywriter, and SEO Expert. She has a passion for communication, business storytelling and content creation.

She combines academic excellence in Digital Marketing with a rich professional background in SEO Copywriting and Social Media. She has worked in many companies and organizations in Europe, the USA and Greece. Her portfolio includes SEO Strategy, SEO Copywriting, Digital Marketing Projects for Luxury Brands in Digital Technology, Tourism, Lifestyle, Culture, Education and Design.

She is active in Digital Marketing and SEO Copywriting since 2000, starting from Google. At the moment her CMO responsibilities at Ideadeco and Greek Online Content Creators Association, keep her calendar busy.  She is a genuine Digital Nomad that has traveled to 191 countries for different content marketing projects.



SEO Copywriting, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Design & WordPress.