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Mentor in Greece: Mentor was created in late 2014, focusing on cultural/educational tourism, the management of cultural organizations, as well as the strategic tourism development planning of areas with strong cultural character.

Our voluntary engagement with non-profit groups, aiming at the enhancement and promotion of the Archaeological Site of Eleusis, Greece, enabled us to come into contact with various universities and organizations abroad, which had a particular interest in its archaeological site.

The gap in the demand for cultural and educational services by those foreign institutions led us to realize the great opportunity of turning our hobby into a profession and our beliefs into action. Our first office was in Eleusis (my hometown) and this is when and where the scene was set for the rest of our journey.

One of the moments that determined our company’s course was meeting and cooperating with our mentor provided by the egg programme, Ms.Vicky Evangeliou; a leading communication & marketing expert. Not only did she help us in thoroughly organizing and setting up our company, but she has also been -and still is- a highly trusted consultant and friend.


Following a particularly demanding four-phased evaluation procedure among almost 2,000 submitted applications, we have been distinguished on June 21st, 2016 as one of the 30 most innovative Greek start-ups for 2016-2017, through the innovation and youth entrepreneurship contest egg – enter grow go, a partnership between Eurobank and Corallia Clusters Initiative.

Without a second thought we, both me and Yannis Pappas, dedicated ourselves to the purpose for which we entered the contest: conserve and enhance the Greek heritage through organising thematic educational routes, blended with thought-provoking seminars for students from around the world, manage cultural organisations and, draft the strategic tourism development of areas with strong cultural character.


Vicky Evangeliou Mentoring at Mentor in Greece

Vicky Evangeliou Mentoring at Mentor in Greece

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